Managing your App Distribution with Firebase

Distributing Android App vs an iOS App

App Distribution Platforms & Their Shortcomings

Default Options : Google Play Internal Test Platform & iOS TestFlight

Sharing APK / IPA files using Cloud File Sharing Platforms



How I used to manage & maintain the distribution in my team

  • We used Dropbox to upload APKs and get the sharable link.
  • We used AppBox to generate Installable Links for iOS Apps.

Firebase App Distribution


Fast distributions

Fits into your workflow

Tester management

Works with Crashlytics

Gain valuable pre-release insights

  • Sign in to Firebase using your Google Account.
  • Create your Project.
  • Add your Android and iOS Apps.
  • Add Firebase SDK to your iOS / Android App [This would help in Analytics].
  • Go to App Distribution and add your Users/Testers.
  • You can also group your testers based on Teams like QA / Clients etc.
  • Upload your IPA / APK and publish it.
  • Your Users would get a nice professional-looking email with steps to download your app.
  • Don’t have emails of all your testers / Users? Don’t worry, Firebase got you covered. Generate an app invite link and share it across with anyone.
  • They would have to sign in via their Google account and then the download would initiate.

Where Does Firebase App Distribution Stand Out Amongst others?

  • It's Free!!!
  • No limitation on App Upload size
  • You can manage both your Android and iOS apps using a single console.
  • You can manage all your testers / Users from a single platform.
  • You get to know how many of your users have accepted the invite and how many of them have downloaded the app.
  • You can maintain various versions of your App distribution.
  • Access Control over the download link. Consider a scenario where you have shared a link with your testers and your Clients and now for some reason, you don’t want your Clients to be able to download the app. With Firebase app distribution you can disable this access to particular Users using the Firebase Console.
  • Ability to get the stability of your App Distributions when combined with Firebase Crashlytics.

Register Tester / Client Devices by getting their UDIDs [iOS]

Combine Firebase App Distribution with CI/CD



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